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"How having a baby 26 months ago... with less than

$300 to my name... and suffering from stress and lack of sleep - gave me an unfair advantage in making

$7,116 cash every month on the internet from SCRATCH (when I'd only ever used my computer to send emails)!"

In just a moment I'm going to reveal the simple steps I used to start making fantastic "part-time" money using the internet just a few hours a week - IT'S PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - and I'll show you how you can copy my success yourself BY FOLLOWING MY 5 SIMPLE "INTERNET INCOME PLANS". What you're about to discover is safe, low-cost and step-by-step easy...


Dear Internet Friend,

......Yes, it's true! Just 26 months ago I quit my job, was having a baby, and a few months later ended up in hospital due to chronic stress. My life felt out of control.

......My weekly pay check was GONE... I felt sick to the stomach every time another bill hit the kitchen table... I was desperate!

......It's amazing how NO INCOME, OVERDUE BILLS, and a HUNGRY BABY can really motivate you to get off your butt and do something! So while doing those midnight and 3am feeds, I sat at the computer and read... read... and read some more. Soon, I uncovered some exciting ways to earn money online.

......Then, about 9 weeks later... after a lot of trial and error, and a BIG learning curve, ...I GOT MY FIRST PAY CHECK! A whopping $23.97! That was a big achievement - I was finally making money from home! It may not sound like much, but I soon got more and more! Over the coming months I built on what I'd learnt and in a short time got to the point I'm at now...

I now make $7,116 every month by
working only a few hours per week on the Internet...

...... ...AND I hardly have to lift a finger now that my systems are in place. I can spend quality time with my husband and son. And make money while I sleep!

...... While I know I won't wake up a millionaire overnight, I know I will have a few hundred dollars in my bank each and every day! And I know that if I ever did this full-time, I could increase my internet income even more. But for now, I am making more than enough to keep my family healthy and happy.

...... Best of all, after lots of trial and error, and a BIG learning curve, I can now reveal ALL of my Internet Income strategies to you, including...

The exact ways I currently make $7,116 each month by
working only a few hours per week on the Internet...

The ideas I use are so simple that ANYONE Can Make Money by following my 5 Step-by-Step Plans!

In fact, this may surprise your, but...

1. You do not need a product of your own
2. You do not have to process any orders
3. You do not have to have a website
4. You do not have to worry about shipping and handling
5. You do not have to deal with customer service issues
6. You do not have to spend large sums of money
7. You do not have to wait weeks to get started. In fact you can start TODAY!


Start Your Internet Income Right Now!

internet income plans

*** Work at Home. Part time or Full-time! ***

My mom thinks I'm crazy to let my "secrets" out, but I'm doing it anyway. Why?... Because I hate the idea of good regular people being sucked in and taken advantage of by so-called "industry experts" that only want to fatten their wallets!

I haven't attended internet school, but I sure know what's making me money!

In fact, what I'm about to reaveal to you is proven self-taught ideas that anyone can use. Whether you're new to the internet, or you've spent years online, you can create an ongoing income stream for you and your family.

No Bull. No lies. Just...

"Genuine work at home ideas that REALLY work"!

It's true! By using just 5 Simple Internet Income Plans (and an internet connection of course!) you can work from home today. And believe me, the benefits of your internet business do not stop there!

Here are just a FEW examples...

Many expenses around your home become tax deductible (just ask your tax agent!)

- internet/phone bills
- electricity
- furniture
- books
- subscriptions
- etc...

You are in charge of your earning limits - not someone else. And you get to keep more of what you work for.

Use your own efforts to give yourself a Pay Increase whenever you want!

Enjoy ample quality time due to lack of stress, financial pressures and worry.

You will be able to Relax and enjoy leisure activities on a regular basis!

You set the hours you want to work. Part-time or Full-time... it's up to you!


... AND these are just four examples that quickly came to mind!

newsOK. Time Out!
Before you carry on, I want to reward you for taking positive action! By getting this far, you've shown true interest in earning an income online! That's why I feel you will benefit from my FREE WiseProfits™ bulletin.

I will email this Free Bulletin to you regularly and it will include my latest news and tips for making money, saving money and investing money on the internet!

Your privacy is guaranteed and your details will not be given to anyone!


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Find out How You can EXPLODE Your
Income by
using just 5 Simple Ideas!

... It's easy, low-cost and it's fun!

The low-cost part is what I really like. It means ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

And with $95.7 billion dollars being spent on the internet this year alone, there is great opportunity for you to cash in NOW!

My 5 Simple Internet Income Plans are ideal for...

» Students
» Stay-at-home moms
» Stay-at-home dads
» Retirees
» Part-time employees
» Full-time employees
» Pensioners
» Job Seekers
» Anyone wanting to increase their income
» YOU!

Don't get sucked in by SCAMS or illegal Pyramid Marketing Schemes. Use the same profitable income plans that I use to make money right now --- and you can too! The exact income streams I use to earn $7,116 per month (part-time)! By the way, I'm not the only one that's had success. Prior to this site release, I gave my information to family and friends. A few were skeptical and many gave it a shot. Here's what happened...

Case Study #1:

make money online

"I got 6 orders in my first 4 days by trying one of your suggestions. Just 50 minutes work made me $129!"

Thanks mate! I thought you we're pulling my leg when you said it is easy to make money on the net, but you were right. Check this out, here's a copy of my deposit record:

date time order# link profit referral ctry customer info
===== ===== ======== ==== ======== ============= =====
07-21 18:33 ,,17G8xxxx 00 $23.50 to XXXXXXX AU/QL ISAAC
07-21 14:32 ,,NY2Txxxx 00 $6.42 to XXXXXXX US/CA MICHAEL
07-21 04:22 ,,1KLWxxxx 00 $22.60 to XXXXXXX AU/QL ANJA
07-19 09:50 ,,Y4Z1xxxx 00 $22.60 to XXXXXXX US/LA DUSTY
07-18 20:37 ,,YMZGxxxx 00 $31.41 to XXXXXXX AU/VI DAVINA
07-18 17:42 ,,KV19xxxx 00 $22.62 toXXXXXXXAU/NS ROBYN
===== ===== ======== ==== ======== ============= =====
TOTAL: $129.15

Case Study #2:


"I followed your #1 Internet Income Plan and this morning I received my first check in the post!"

Like I said yesterday, I'm already looking forward to using your next income plan! Thanks Rita.

Case Study #3:

online profits

"I made $326.52 over the weekend... and
I did nothing for it!"

Once you showed me how to set up my "automatic money-making machine" I just left this to run for the weekend. When I checked my account on Monday morning, I had $326.52 in there!

I think this is the easiest money I've ever made. I know you're book will be a success because what you talk about really works!

I already look forward to seeing tomorrow's account balance. Thanks again.

Case Study #4:

work from home

"I can't believe I'm making money with my favourite hobby - GOLF! The 2 FREE tools you told me about helped me do this. Thanks."

This is the first time I haven't heard complaints from a certain someone about my "golfing addiction".

I can now make money with a business I love - and a product I really enjoy! I can't believe that this is work - LOVE IT!!!

Case Study #5:

money online

"I'm not happy with you at all... how am I going to tell my boss I WANT TO QUIT MY JOB?"

I can't believe how much money I can make by selling someone else's products. And by using the tricks you showed me, I am doing it all without a website!

The only thing you haven't told me is what to say when I tell my boss I'm leaving! Thanks Rita, let's do lunch soon!!

My 5 simple Internet Income Plans really work! This self-developed formula makes me $7,116 every month... and it can do the same for you.

The fact is, I am not a BIG WIG corporate mogul that will blow wind in your ear. I'm a regular mom that just wanted to make some extra money. Now I have plenty to spoil myself, pay the bills and to put some EXTRA aside!

It's easy. Anyone can make money with one or all of the ideas I use.


1. You do not need a product of your own
2. You do not have to process any orders
3. You do not have to have a website
4. You do not have to worry about shipping and handling
5. You do not have to deal with customer service issues
6. You do not have to spend large sums of money
7. You do not have to wait weeks to get started. In fact,
you can start TODAY!


Do not miss your opportunity to make money using the Internet. You too can have the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home... part-time or full-time! Even if you've only ever thought about making money online, this is for you!!

Alexandra Martinez followed a couple of the strategies covered in my book, and withing 6 months she has written her own ebook on kid's crafts and has set up a website that takes orders for her 24 hours a day/7 days a week...

home business online

"I now have my own Ebook and Website!"

If you've been wondering how to make money on the internet, but don't have a clue as to how to do it, you definitely have to get Rita's ebook.

Before reading her book all I could do was want to make money. After reading her ebook, I finally knew how!

.....As a special introductory offer I have slashed the retail price from $49.95 to just $37! This gives you a step by step guide that will show you EVERYTHING you need to know and EVERYTHING you need to do to start earning money by using the Internet today. Let my experience save you time and money... and show you how to make $7,116 each and every month!

.....Why am I being so generous I hear you ask! Simple. As an "internet-only offer", you will receive the "How I Make $7,116 per Month by Using 5 Simple Internet Income Plans" directly in an e-book format. This means I do not have to carry any stock or cover dispatch costs. I only have to worry about my online costs.

.....Therefore, I can pass those savings on to you. This is win-win for both of us! I save in costs and you save in price and get the information you need instantly!

.....If you're serious about making money on the internet, you should take advantage of my introductory price now, before the retail price starts. AND look, turn your $37 investment into just $4,000 (what I earn in about 2 weeks!), and you've already made more than a 1000% return on your investment! ... AND if I'm only. half right, YOU WILL STILL POCKET OVER $2,000!

You have NOTHING to lose! In fact, I Guarantee it!

That's right! I'm so proud of the success I have had with my 5 Internet Income Plans that I'm prepared to give you a No-Risk 60 Days Instant Money-Back Guarantee...

If you use the ideas I give you and make no money within 60 Days, I will refund your money in full... no questions asked - guaranteed!

All orders are processed through Clickbank and your purchase is secure! Purchase with confidence and enjoy reading "How I Make $7,116 Per Month Using 5 Simple Internet Income Plans"!

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Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness!

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Rita Cass - Author and Internet Mompreneur!

P.S.: Don't forget that this book is a tax deductible business expense as soon as you start your internet business... be sure to remind your tax agent, because he'll probably be too busy counting the mountains of cash you will get once you use my 5 Simple Internet Income Plans.

Learn how to make $7,116 per month today - last chance - download now!

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